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A creative, innovative and efficient way to reach your customers.
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MiAutobus is a mobile assistant that suggest people the best way to move from one point of the map to another, using public transportation or alternatives (except particular cars), saving time and money.

We want to bring together the mobility needs of our users with the communication needs of the companies. Our Location marketing services offer you a great oppotunity to boost your sales and provide greater visibility to your brand.

Features & Benefits

According to location, schedules and user activity, you can reach them with smart advertising.


Place your brand right on the city map to reach the citizens in an effective and direct way.


Increase brand's visibility up to 61% through our multiplatform service.


Reach not only your main target audiences, but also those who are near to your shop.

MiAutobus app


67% of users look for places to visit through their smartphone and your business can't be out.


Future of communication has arrived, improve your marketing strategies by taking advantage of the most innovative communication technologies.


Increase your visits up to 30% through our online campaign management systems.

Publicidad Banner MiAutobus

Smart Banners

High Impact: This is the best option for your brand to stand out through different alternatives of animated banners, which are displayed on web or the mobile app when users make their queries, being aware of their query info, location and behavioral context.

Markers On Map

Map visualization: Place your business directly on the city map, showing brand, branches, and directions to reach them, in addition to segmenting advertising by geographical location.

Publicidad Markers MiAutobus
Publicidad Georeference MiAutobus

How does it work Every business that incorporates a banner can add bookmarks in the city, locating their locals or strategic points with an icon on the map (the icons can be in visible mode or not).                     

The markers are geo-referenced: whenever a user uses the application near your local, or the destination of their trip is close to the business, the advertising that is shown is yours, having greater impact and possibilities of sale.

Acccording to the location, schedules and user search, you can reach them with smart advertising. We take advantage of our segmentation to create better experiences between people and a brand.

Informes de campa√Īa

Campaign Reports

We want to give you a tool to understund how your campaing is going.

We are not just talking about monitoring clicks, conversion rates, or seeing demographic information. We want you to know the moments and places in which each person who interacted with your brand was.

  • Heat Map: to see location of people
  • Interacci√≥n: Visualization according to schedules and activities
  • Segmentaci√≥n: The possibility of filtering data by age or sex


Enough talking, here is our positioning in the market

The numbers

We have 50.000 active users reaching to 200,000 monthly visitors to web and mobile apps. We also have an active Facebook and Twitter community with more than 50,000 people who interact every day.

Users Profile

Our audience is made up of people who use internet and smartphones, 55% female and 45% male. The age ranges are between 18 and 55 years, with a strong participation of the segment ranging from 18 to 35 years.

24/7 Communication

The service registers a constant usage and it's available 24 hours every day of the year. During peak hours, around 100 active users are logged simultaneously every minute and at low consumption hours around 30 active users per minute in one city.

Know about us

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